Bringing the country to the city slicker


“NOW, Helen”, said Sheriff Taylor, “there’s plenty of room here.  There’s close to 600 sqft, and we can sit a spell on this nice, big comfy couch and watch TV.  Or, we can look out a wall of windows at the creek and the back acreage and all the big trees.  Or, we can sit at our dining table and drink a cup of coffee from our own coffee pot.  Or, I can grill steaks and we can sit on this big ole deck and enjoy the moonlight. Or, or we can make our own dinner in the kitchen right outside our bedroom.”

“You can take your time in our own bathroom with a large shower.  It’s decorated in these nice, warm colors and just makes you feel so comfortable.  I can find plenty to do with all these books on the bookcase and don’t mind waitin’ on a woman.”

“When you’re ready, there’s a huge king-size bed that has 2 mattresses + a feather bed topper that you just sink into, surrounded by a mound of pillows.  You’ll just feel so pampered and special.  Besides, I don’t mind waitin’ on a woman.”