Carved 1891 into the 18" limestone wall reminds you of times long gone.  Indians roamed this land before the house was built back then and colors maintain those memories, decorated in turquoise, brown, and gold. 

Enjoy your own massive 450 sqft of space with an oak wood floor. The canopy king-size bed with a featherbed atop a pillow-top mattress surrounds you with sleeping pleasures to catch those pleasant dreams and make a mellow tomorrow.  Wake in the morning from the pleasant dreams and sit yourself down on a comfy couch underneath an expansive 20 ft of windowed view and enjoy the creek with the wooded background.  Make a cup of coffee or selected tea and enjoy your time.  There's no hurry to get anywhere. 

How convenient to be steps away from the dining room and enjoy breakfast with a group of new-found friends or bring back into this huge room and pleasure the seclusion.  This room is also handicap accessible.

Your own golden bath will tell you that Cowgirls are Welcome and is handicap accessible.  The vessel faucet will pour hot water into your stone sink, followed by a few steps into a huge 5' x 5' zero entrance shower with a mosaic floor of ceramic and glass.

Now, Cowboy, you're ready to put on your hat and you have the will to ride for the day.Type your paragraph here.



Bringing the country to the city slicker