Bringing the country to the city slicker

​We were city slickers with a passion for food and a dream of owning a B&B, who accidentally became farmers.  We searched the Table Rock Lake area for 2 years in search of a resort on the lake and couldn't find anything that met our criteria. Over Labor Day 2005, we were bored and saw an ad in the Shell Knob Rattler for a Bed and Breakfast farm.  After telling the real estate agent there was no need to meet us there as we weren't interested in being farmers, we closed on Grandpa's Farm in November, 2005.

Tom and Kathy lived in Dallas, making a living in the corporate world and drove every week end for 6 years to remodel.  Heritage Ranch had a soft opening on week ends in 2011 with only a Facebook page.  We found guests loved staying in the country.  In 2012, the website was active and we found ourselves fully booked on Friday nights with Kanakuk Kamp parents.  That was our modest start.

​A place where your mind, body, and soul will relax or close enough to run off to entertainment.